23 Funny Lookalikes You Won’t Believe!

How often has it happened to any of us? We’re walking down the street and something catches our eye. And the reason? Because it reminds us of something, or someone else. Apparently we all have a doppelganger somewhere on the planet – our ‘twin’ – and sometimes we even see them in real life, which can be a bit of a shock. However our ‘twin’ doesn’t always have to be another person, as this selection of brilliant images will clearly show you. There may be one individual characteristic that makes us stand out from the crowd, or it may just be a spooky coincidence. There are many instances where we see something and imagine how it could be something else, as typified in our article about Martin Feijoó, the cloud shaper who saw clouds as any number of things, and who would subsequently draw what his imagination allowed him to. Here you don’t have to draw anything, just let your imagination run riot! 


How about Justin Timberlake’s hair and Ramen noodles for a start? Okay, we know that his image has changed a great deal from his N’Sync days, but we couldn’t resist this one.


If you have seen Pixar’s film Up you should be able to instantly recognise this gentleman as Carl. If you haven’t seen the film, we recommend you do – it is brilliant!


Now this one is seriously spooky as there is a very uncanny resemblance between the late Michael Jackson and the face on this Egyptian statue. Maybe reincarnation isn’t just a fantasy after all…..


We recently published a post with some fantastic dog lookalikes and we couldn’t resist including a few of our favorites here, especially this brilliant one of Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.


Someone clearly has a wicked sense of humour as this is very funny indeed. That looks like a chocolate-coated marshmallow cookie to us – oh hang on, no, that’s a man’s head!


One doesn’t want to get too personal in the comparisons, but this troll really does bear more than a striking resemblance to the pop diva Nikki Minaj!

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